Giving to a New Generation

At Tender Grassroots, our goal is to provide the community with resources, knowledge and skills that will empower them to end the cycle of poverty.

Our Mission

To closely collaborate with communities and existing programs within Uganda to employ health, education, and community interventions that enhance:

The transfer of knowledge and skills

Active involvement of communities, promoting ownership and sustainability

The current systems within the country

What Is the Problem?

LUganda, a landlocked country located in East Africa, has a population of approximately 40 million people of which 50% are children under the age of fifteen. Like most of the Sub-Saharan region, Uganda faces developmental challenges.

To tackle the incessant cycle of poverty, health and education are two key factors to address if Uganda is to achieve sustainable development success. While there have been great strives to improve education in Uganda e.g. universal primary education and accessible health services, challenges remain and are quite dire, particularly for rural, economically disadvantaged families.

Our Partners

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