What We Do

Ending the cycle of poverty
in Uganda.

Focus Areas and Objectives


Providing accessibility to health care with a primary focus on immunization and preventative health interventions like education.

  • Promote child and adolescent health through improving nutrition and preventing the spread of infectious diseases.

  • Create healthy habits awareness through providing students and communities with health education seminars and activities.

  •  Improve access to care through organizing and creating medical clinics as well as screening for illness within communities.


Providing fundamental skills, raising educational standards, and promoting a positive attitude.

  • Improve the quality of education through creating advanced facilities and providing essentials for learning.

  • Improve the quality of teachers through availing access to seminars and continuing education programs.

  • Improve learning through facilitating school exchange programs.

Community Development

Providing financial literacy and vocational programs to improve the socio-economic status of the communities supported.

  • Promote economic empowerment by providing local entrepreneurs with the right support systems like mentoring and training.

  • Foster job creation through connecting local businesses with markets for their products and sources of funding.

  • Develop women-focused initiatives to address the gender inequality gap experienced in such communities.

 Our health, education, and community interventions will improve the status of communities by allowing individuals to prosper.